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Android Apps : Download Root Explorer.apk

Root Explorer has been updated to version 2.17.2 with new features added in this version. In previous version 2.17.1, Symbolic Link creation was added, a new “Link to this file/folder” item to the long click menu was added, as well as the Open With feature. The ‘open with’ feature allows a file to be opened with an internal Root explorer function, as a generic type (video, text, etc) or with a specific app. The oprn with feature will automatically appear when you are trying to open files with unknown file format.
Root Explorer 2.17.2, as one of the most downloaded file explorer in Android Market, is one of the most ultimate system explorer application for Android. Root Explorer 2.17.1 allows you to explore your system files and folder, and even it allows you to modify system files. Now, Root Explorer has been downloaded millions times and has an impressive 4,78 average rating.

Root Explorer 2.17.2 needs Root access, so you have to root your phone before you installRoot Explorer. Root Explorer 2.17.Apk works on Android 2.1 and higher version, Root Explorer 2.17 has about 271 Kb of APk file size. Download and install Root Explorer 2.17.2 Apk for your Android now and feel free to browse, manage and edit your phone and SD card’s file with the advanced file explorer for Android: Root Explorer 2.17.1.

Note : Rooted Only

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