Sabtu, 19 Mei 2012

Android Game : Download Gangstar 2 Miami Vindication QVGA/HVGA Apk + Data

Version: 3.1.6
An Awesome game like Grand Theft Auto.
Gameloft game series of gang subject Gangstar second be Gangstar: Miami Vindication game tells the story of Johnny as a brother, by Miami in order to save the kidnapped brother gang, to the whole of the gang at Miami on different kinds of action, with its can get his brother's news. Caused by the series of gangs, street go into too many duels into war, the target sniper and so on chasing nervousness exciting plot, one will appear.
A new new features: large a modern city, large-scale open environment, recreating the Miami, including urban construction, Miami Beach and harbor, Miami bay and marshes. The more cool new car, from ordinary cars, motorcycles, to the ship, jet ski, even the helicopter!

System Requirement :
Android 2.1 to up

COPY DATA TO SD:/gameloft/games

Download QVGA.apk
Download HVGA.apk
Download WVGA.apk

Download SD Data

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