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Game PC : Download Syndicate Full Version

Syndicate on PC was released on Tuesday 21 February 2012. You can now play Syndicate on your PC in the USA. The single-player plot tells the tale of Miles Kilo, a newly prepped agent who rediscovers his mysterious origin, and struggles with questions of why he fights and who he's fighting for. It's a generic story that cycles like an exercise in familiarity. Regardless of the player's choices at various junctures, Syndicate follows a singular route that doesn't reflect the player's behavior. While the lack of control is thematically congruent, all gameplay indicators point to a more open-ended conclusion which is frustrating. The co-op campaign takes a different route, opting for a "day in the life" approach rather than a story, which makes the missions more fun to fight through as they don't force plot into action.
Bluish hues dominate the journey through Syndicate's futuristic setting. While developer Starbreeze Studios paints blinding lights around almost every corner, the world maintains a clean and simple design, while also mixing styles with New York slums, Atlantic sea bases, and the alleyways of China. The settings, characters, and tech elements look really polished -- even if a train station in Los Angeles looks exactly like one in China. The DART overlay (the chip's analytical slow-motion view) paints a great sci-fi picture, and the onscreen reflection of damage marks a great pairing of visuals and context. When the screen scrambles like a loose HDMI cable, the full gravity of having a chip implant comes to life.

Syndicate Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP SP2/Vista/7
CPU: Intel Core2 Duo (E4600) at 2.4Ghz or equivalent (Athlon 64 x 2) processor
Video: ATI 4650 or Nvidia GeForce 8800GT (min. 512mb RAM) or better
RAM: 2Gb RAM for XP / 3 Gb RAM for Vista and 7
HDD: 10.5Gb free space 
DirectX compatible sound card, and microphone for VoIP
DirectX 9.0c compatible – SHADER 3.0 compliant
Display: 30 fps at 1024 x 768
Download Syndicate (Uploaded) :

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