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Android Apps : Download Go Launcher.apk

Go Launcher Ex 2.5 apk is the newest launcher is filled with excellent features. Up to now Go Launcher launcher Ex is the most widely used of the android users. To prove it you can find themes go launcher ex in the market. I’m sure you’ll find lots of themes to golauncherex. That’s more or less prove that Go Launcher Ex 2.5 apk launcher is one of the best currently available.

Now we also use Go Launcher Ex coupled with the Theme Iphone 3.0. And the result is very satisfactory. Now with the release of the latest applications go this launcher, you can use it right now. For information you can not get it directly on the android market for these new applications on his official web release only. But don’t worry because we have set up the download link.
So what are the latest features of Go Launcher Ex 2.5 apk? The following is a discussion that we have quoted from his official web.
Change-log Go Launcher Ex 2.5:
  1. (New) Supports to edit home screen folders
  2. (Improve) Lock Screen prompt on notification bar
  3. (Improve) Replace icon function for the screen folders
  4. (Fix) Icon of screen folders will disappear after the screen rotated
  5. (Fix) Part of the apps add wrong shortcut icons on the dock
  6. (Fix) The screen will crash by clicking the HOME button while using app drawer.
Download Go Launcher.apk

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