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Android Game : Download Skies of Glory HD.apk

SKIES OF GLORY takes you back to the aeronautics of WWII. Set in the terrain of Pacific and European theatres of war, you and your friends team up to defend a base and destroy enemy compounds or show off your piloting skills in a full-force-free-for-all.

  • Awesome 3D graphics and visual effects
  • Online multi-player mode
  • Realistic control of aircraft
  • Challenging accelerometer controlled game
  • Can be an adjustment getting used to the flight plus firing controls


Skies of Glory for Android is an awesome first-person flight fighter game featuring amazing 3D graphics and visual effects. The game is mission based, you’re given several objectives throughout your flight course as far as battling other planes, ships and ground targets; Phase One – Kanalkampf (“Channel Battles”), Phase Two – Adlerangriff (“Eagle Attack”) and Phase Three – Blitzkrieg (“Lightning War”). Choose from one of three planes that have various strengths and weaknesses.
Once airborne, the game uses a multitude of concurrent flight control features: use the phone’s accelerometer to control tilt, locate enemies with either the radar in the top right corner or on-screen arrows, toggle between multiple viewing points, pay attention to your speed to ensure you don’t stall (you’ll be alerted if you do), control speed up or stall with top left pedals, along the bottom row of controls are machine gun or bomb fire, then swing left/right controls moving inward.
Skies of Glory features simultaneous online multi-player mode to quick battle others real-time around the world whether they have the Android or iPhone version of the game.

Android 2.0 OS required.(Note: Currently does not support: Hero, Eris. For Android version 2.1 and higher)

Download Skies of Glory

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