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Game PC : Download Mark of the Ninja v1.0 Cracked -THETA -PC (Multi6)

Mark of the Ninja PC v1.0 Cracked -THETA Multi6 iso torrent Download
Eng Title: Mark of the Ninja
Developer: Klei Entertainment
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Genre: ACT Game
Platform: PC
Size: 1.98GB
Format: ISO
Region : Region free
Lang : Multi6
Realease Date: Sep.07.2012
Homepage: NA
Description :

Hold your breath and slow your heart. You can’t make a sound. You’re a ninja. From the shadow of a deep doorway, you hear footsteps echoing in the alley, pacing back and forth. Out here the city is asleep, and there are few noises to cover you. Your hiding place keeps you safe, but it also blocks your view.The target is out here somewhere, but he’s not alone…
Mark of the Ninja is a stealth game developed by Klei Entertainment for Xbox Live Arcade. Observe your enemies from afar, manipulate them with your tools, and execute your plan with precision. But be careful – you’re as fragile as you are powerful.
Mark of the Ninja PC torrent v1.0 Cracked -THETA Multi6 iso Download
Mark of the Ninja PC Download v1.0 Cracked -THETA Multi6 iso torrent
Mark of the Ninja PC iso v1.0 Cracked -THETA Multi6 torrent Download

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