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Android Game : Downloiad GT Racing Motor Academy HD v3.1.8 APK

GT Racing Motor Academy HD v3.1.1 (APK+SD Data) Android | 500 MBThe "GT" in GT racing GT Racing: MotorAcademy HD Gran Turismo could easily mean.Is very similar to Gran Turismo PSP on looks and features, but has a clear advantage overtheir inspiration: GT Racing: Motor AcademyHD is fun.
Can not have the graphic impact, or 800 carsand 35 tracks, but offers a drivingentertainment available anywhere. It has depth, with 100 cars to unlock, 14 race tracks on, and a variety of race modes in which to participate.It's the perfect balance between offering adecent amount of content without goingoverboard, incurring long load times andmonotonous game.

All popular manufacturers are represented, andyou have the ability to customize and tune their cars once they have bought from the dealer.You can perform license tests, trying to passtests in order to race hard (and profitable) events, and access to better vehicles. The races will take various forms of consecutive races elimination events, drag racing andrallies. No hours of gameplay on offer.

All this content is lost, however, if the gameworks. Fortunately, GT Racing: MotorAcademy does. It is a realistic racer, which issimilar to Need for Speed​​: SHIFT Racingearlier Gameloft, Asphalt 5 and shares manysimilarities with her. Both games rely primarily on the racing line, and the focus is onmaintaining this, instead of accentuating orpower-ups to win races.

Despite a good game of appearance, style of play believes that Need for Speed​​: SHIFTprobably has the edge in terms of graphics anddriving experience, but the engine of the Academy has more content and onlinemultiplayer. Academy also offers more enginecontrol systems, but gameplay found that theaccelerometer was the only method that reallyworked well. Even this was not perfect, andsensitivity settings do not do much to help.

In Asphalt 5, there was no need to brake, so the direction of the touch screen worksparticularly well. In the engine of the Academy, however, the need to brake is very good, and this makes this method easy to use, having to switch the brake pedal is used depending onwhich side of the screen you're playing. Ingeneral, however, tilt steering works, but simplybe prepared to be a bit more lively when playing.

Style of play had a problem with the map on screen, however, was not particularly useful tohighlight the upcoming curves and turns. The view driving was often a problem, and although there are a variety to choose from, some vehicles racing line obscured when driving athird-person perspective. Style of play also had a problem with the sound did not work with our phone, but as they tend to play mobile gamesat a lower volume, it was not really a problem.

GT Racing: Motor Academy HD high definition is in many aspects of style waiting game Gran Turismo PSP would be. Can not offer the best driving experience available in Android, but the hours of play and depth of content more than make up for it.

Requires Android:2.1 and up 
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SD Files: Gameloft/games

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