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Android Apps : Download Gymrat-Workout Planner & Log v0.9.2 APK

Overview: Exercises: 300 exercises and more in later updates. But if you don't want to wait, you can add your custom exercises. Exercises are easily searchable by name, difficulty and equipment

Routines: a dozen built-in routines and several added with each update. Ability to create custom routines. Exercises can be reordered, added, deleted, and supersetted. Optional timers to track rest between sets are available.

Logging: Individual exercises and whole routines can be logged. Logs are viewed in table and chart formats. Charts allow to see progression metrics such as "One Rep Max", "Maximum Weight", "Maximum Reps", "Longest Time" and many more!

Profiles: Multiple people can now use the same app. Logs, progress such as weight, and other settings are associated with profiles

Progress: Set goals, graph, view in table format, export and email (as screenshots, html, text, or csv):
Vital Statistics: Weight, BMI (auto calculated), Body fat (auto calculated), Pulse, Blood Pressure, and Glucose.

Body Measurements: Neck, Shoulders, Arms, Forearms, Chest, Waist, Hips, Thighs, Calves.
Benchmark Exercises: Bench Press, Cable Row, Barbell Curl, Pushdown, Squat. Exercises can be added or removed.

Tools: Countdown timer and Stopwatch with logging and export functionality is now available. We will be incorporating even more tools needed in the gym!

Help: Descriptions of functionality of the app. We strive to make all features intuitive. Extensive help descriptions are currently under development.

What's in this version : (Updated : Jun 1, 2012 )

  • Database Export & Import: logs, custom routines & exercises...
  • Custom Exercises: take pictures
  • Exporting/Sharing
  • View/export entire weeks using date range buttons
  • Export cardio logs
  • Pretty html table export
  • Export exercise notes
  • Help Topics: please read to see new features like routine day & whole routine copy/paste
  • Bug fixes
  • Graph negative values
  • Images folder shows up in Gallery. Might need to Force Stop/Clear Data in Gallery and Media Storage apps 

Requirements: Android OS 2.2 or lateral

Download Gym.apk

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