Selasa, 05 Juni 2012

Software : Download ACDSee Pro v3.0.386, Professional Visualizer of Images

ACDSee Pro v3.0.386
 English | Incl. medicine | 56 MB

 To speak of ACDSee is to speak of the more versatile visualizer of images and complete than it has in the market.
 Long time in naming all possibilities would take, so we will only name its visualization fast of images, the support for an immense amount of image formats, audio and video, the possibility of examining within compressed files, the adjustment of images, the massive processing of lots of images and famous, the conversion of formats… and follows and follows.

 This version Pro, as its name indicates, especially is focused the professionals of the image. It offers an excellent support forimages in format RAW, new edition tools and adjustment of images, more possibilities at the time of processing images massively (now also you can apply to them to effect sepia, for example) and the interface has changed slightly to cause that the job stream is still more comfortable.
 a single Link includes medicine

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