Rabu, 13 Juni 2012

Game PSX : Download Breath Of Fire 4

Continuing from the Breath of Fire series initially released on the Super Nintendo by Squaresoft, Capcom has released Breath of Fire IV, for the Sony Playstation. Breath of Fire IV features our regular protagonist, Ryu who is a dragon boy. The plot in Breath of Fire IV shows that Capcom has learnt a lot about RPG Plot Development from it's few RPG releases.

Breath of Fire IV features excellent graphics and a moving soundtrack. As you continue on your quest, you learn to appreciate the well smoothed graphics and the music really pulls you into the entire plot of the game. Breath of Fire IV is definitely a majorimprovement over it's predecessor, Breath of Fire III. If you've played any of the previous instalments in the Breath of Fire series, you should definitely check out this title.
Enjoy this edition of our Best of Emuparadise series, and keep coming back for more!

Download Breath Of Fire 4 :

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