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Game PSX : Download Brave Fencer Musashi

Brave Fencer Musashi was released by Square on Oct 31st,1998. This game has been hailed by many as Square's response to Zelda. While many maintained that the response could never match up, what a response it was. Musashi, is a warrior of ancientJapan, a legend, samuraiauthor of his own sword fighting technique, philosopher and poet!

While the game itself has a good storyline, it has a very active battle system. You would not be wrong if you called it an action platformer. You wouldn't be wrong if you called it an RPG. Reminds you of some other popular series by Nintendo, doesn't it ? : )

The entire game has polygonal characters and some beautiful 360 degree rotatable 3D backgrounds. Each level will present to you it's own set of puzzles, solving which will get you through. Atleast, that's the easy part. You DO have to engage in battle often, but the battles are very exhilirating with a host of moves you can pull off using Musashi's short sword. The game also features a brilliant musical score. You can check that out in our soundtracks section. Credit for uploading this game goes to none other than dear Mikey from our forums. Enjoy the title, a game definitely worth playing!


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