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Android Apps : Download Image Shrink v2.2.2 APK


Overview: It's an easiest way to shrink photos and send them with e-mail. Shrink/resize your photos with just one click before you send it. Send images to Image Shrink by "share" or "send to" before you send them to target app.

Use case A - Image First 

  • Open images with you favorite viewer(e.g. Gallery) 
  • Click "share" or "send to". A dialog pops up. 
  • Choose Image Shrink. 
  • Choose image size. 
  • Choose target application you want to send the shrunken image to. 

Use case B - App First

  • Click attach button on an email app 
  • Choose Image Shrink. 
  • Choose Gallery. 
  • Choose image to shrink. 
  • Choose target application you want to send the shrunken image to. This app have following features that other similar apps don't have.


  • Keep GPS info.
  • Keep Exif rotation info.
  • Keep all Exif tags.
  • Automatic shrunken file deletion.
  • Some hacks to pass shrunken images to MMS on HTC sense.
  • Shrink multiple images
  • More size options than Lite version
  • Auto delete old shrunken images

What's in this version: (Updated : Mar 20, 2012)

  • Support Russian (Thanks to Igor)
  • Bug fix

Requirements: Android OS 1.5 or lateral

Download Image Shrink.apk

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