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RusLiveFull CD by NIKZZZZ (RUS/ENG) (UnCriticalMod 07.02.2013) | 697Mb
Windows RusLive – one of the fastest Live CD. Programs are loaded into memory. Not all programs will run at a specified minimum memory. Assembly automatically supports multi-core processors, USB 3.0 and a variety of file systems including EXT3/EXT4/exFAT.
Full CD version differs trimmed boot menu (in particular, GeexBox cut out completely) and shortened list program PE, as well as a stripped-down base drivers for LiveCD. In 2012 RusliveFull CD was significantly altered. The “new” version of the LiveCD Ruslive FullCD removed Kaspersky Antivirus (KAV). Antivirus functionality is now represented only ESET NOD32 AV v.4.2, update tools for NOD32 not included. For a seat a few new tools. At the boot menu there are disk utilities: system and memory tests, MHDD, Victoria HDD test, HDDRegenerator 2011, Acronis ADDSRV 10.0.2169 RU + ATIEES 9.7.8206 RU + UR, Passware Windows Key Enterprise Edition, Kon-Boot 1.1, Kon-Boot 2.1 Commercial, Ruslive_RAM 3-in-1 (loading into memory, a choice of options: Mini, Lan, Multimedia), Ruslive_RAM Micro (load into memory, 128 MB), Ruslive Micro (128 MB, miniNT ), MSDOS, Plop, as well as sections Terabyte, Disk Partition & Images.
- Replaced memtest86 + and its method of loading (better compatibility with iron)
- added memtest86 + 5.0Beta1 (designed only for the modern “hardware”)
- a boot utility bypass password ConBoot – Password Bypass (Beta!) replaced proven and really working:
Kon- Boot 01.01;
Passware Windows Key Enterprise Ed. 11;
Kon-Boot 01/02 Commercial Ed. (Native support for Win7 and WinServer2008).
- bootable disc menu: nested menus, how have room handed up (who need submenus with 1 useful item?) was included in the remaining sub-Terabyte (set of similar tools, versions for DOS) and sub-Disk Partition & Images (Acronis, PowerQuest, vcom, Symantec ImageCenter & Ghost);
- in the boot menu, start the timer count down and choose the default position (the default timeout will boot from the 1st HDD, submenus on timeout retire in main menu);
- WIM-pack NOD32 Antivirus from 02.07.2013;
- Fixed file references progpack.wim:
Fixed names HP USB Tolls, HDScan, HDTune Pro, Fixed launch path LicenseCrawler;
View section renamed View disk / image in section added a shortcut on WinMount.
Ruslive PE is presented in the assembly and a half in four versions:
- RusLive Micro (miniNT loading, minimum RAM 128 Mb, no: the network, the console mmc, part sistem.dll in bootable. Menu “Ruslive 128 Mb Memory”)
- RusLive Micro (RAM-loading, minimum RAM 128 Mb, no : the network, the console mmc, part sistem.dll)
- RusLive miniLan (RAM-loading, minimum RAM 160 Mb, network support, MMC console, OpenGL)
- RusLive mini-multimedia (RAM-loading, minimum RAM 256 Mb, network, USB , OpenGL)
- RusLive media without sound support (RAM-loading, minimum RAM 256 Mb, network, USB, OpenGL, DirectX).
Important note from the author:
* 7-zip: used version 9.28 alpha, development version, not officially recommended for important files;
* (Ipravleno) LicenseCrawler starts with a curved path – basically working, but looking for a pre-launch utility runscanner;
* NOD32, usually does not start from the first time, giving an error – treated blunt attempt number … pattern is not established, between attempts to break better delay;
* Acronis Disk Director 11 Home: Used old build 2121 – the author suggests to work with GPT-Hard, but this build is fully compatible with the current and massively used GPT-format + questionable in those days was not released Windows 8,
* Note from the author: Acronis Disk Director Home 11 can not be used together in a single session or alternately Disk Director10;
* HDDScan in all cases can not print reports, and, as a consequence. does not display the SMART.
1. Install all Hardware (PnP)
. 2. Install all Hardware (Force PnP)
. 3. Install USB Hardware (PnP)
. 4. Install LPT & COM ports
. BlueScreenView
. Calculator
. ChkDsk
. dccmd
. Device Manager (En w/hidden on default)
. Disk Cryptor
. Ext2 manager
. File Monitor
. Image Creator Wim 5.1
. ImDisk
. MountStorPe
. mstsc(5.1.2600/xpclient)
. Notepad/Mark0.9z
. Paging Files
. Registry Editor
. Registry Monitor
. RegShot Root
. Remote Regedit
. RunScanner (system)
. Synchronizes letters
. Task Manager
. Unlocker(context)
. zPNP Auto
. zPNP Force
. zPNP Manual
. zPNP Quick Manual
. Дефрагментация диска
. Диспетчер устройств
. Игровые устрйства
. Командная строка
. Локальные пользователи и группы
. Общие папки
. Проводник
. Службы
. Управление дисками
. Управление компьютером
. Установка сети
Внешнее ПО:
. 7-Zip 9.28ALPHA
. Acronis: DDS10
>>>>>>TIES9.7 w/UR
>>>>>>DDH11 (11.0.2121)
. AIDA64 2.60
. AntiSMS 3.2
. AntiWinLocker 1.x
. Autoruns: Local &Remote
. BootICE
. BootSectRestorationTool(GUI)
. CCleaner 3.07
. CPUBurn-in
. Cpuz 1.61
. Dependcy Walker
. DriverExport PE 1.6
. DriverInjection 0.99.1BETA
. DxDiags
. EASEUS Partition Master Home
. Erd2005
. Far 2.0 x86
. Firefox 3.6
. FoxitReader
. Game *МАРЬЯЖ
. Ghost 11.0
. GhostExp 11.5
. GImagex 2.0.17 RUS
. Hard Disk Sentinel
. HDDScanWin 3.1
. HD_Speed
. HDTunePro 4.6
. HpUsb Tools 2.0.6
. HxD
. ImageExplorer (PowerQuest)
. InfToReg
. IrfanView
. KeyReader byJoshuas(xp-key-reader)
. LicenseCrawler
. Msi
. Nod32_42
. NeroDiskSpeed
. Opera9.64
. PassWordRenew
. PENetwork/PE Менеджер сети 0.58.B8
. Pspad
. Recover My Files
. Registry Workshop
. RegistryReanimator *AutoRepair
_____(ReHive)_….._*Full disk(s)search
. RegShotUni 2.0.1
. R-Studio
. SkyIAR 2.0
. SmartDriverBackup
. SoftMakerOffice2010
. SynWrite
. TestDisk
. TeraByte *Image forWindows
>>>>>>>*TBI Mount
>>>>>>>*TBI View
. TFTtest
. Totalcmd 8.01
. UFS Explorer
. UltimateDefrag3
. UltraISO
. Victoria
. VideoMem StressTest
. WinContig
. WinDjView
. WindowsGate1.1 32/64bit
. WinHex
. WinMount 3.1
. WinNTSetup2.3.3
. WinRAR
. xCHM
The downloaded file (the image in a format iso), write on a clean, high-quality CD drive using specialized programs: Alcohol 120%, NERO, UltraISO, etc., recommended speed recording from x8 to x16.
CRC32: 724C2BD6
MD5: 1C44B871A0992CD31EE4C697EE57D681
SHA-1: DFD12F76D17847BD2D728B2B124CC6AE493DFEF7

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