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Game XBOX360 : Download Hybrid -XBLAplus -XBOX360 (XBLA)(Download)

Hybrid XBOX360 -XBLAplus  XBLA iso torrent Download

Eng Title: Hybrid
Developer: 5TH Cell
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Genre: ACT/FPS Game
Platform: XBOX360
Size: 746.75MB
Format: XBLA
Region : Region free
Lang : English
Realease Date: Aug.08.2012 [US]
Homepage: NA

Description :
Hybrid is a multiplayer third person shooter in which two factions fight for world domination on a persistent world map. Take control of a soldier fighting for the Paladins or the Variants as they race to control the world’s most powerful resource; Dark Matter. Your victories on the battlefield directly affect the course of the war!
Dolby Digital
Online multiplayer 2 – 6
Content downloads
How to Install:
Install to HDD under the following directory path:
Hybrid XBOX360 torrent -XBLAplus XBLA iso Download
Hybrid XBOX360 Download -XBLAplus XBLA iso torrent
Hybrid XBOX360 free  -XBLAplus XBLA iso torrent Download

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