Selasa, 01 Oktober 2013

Android Apps : Download Yoma (apex, nova, adw icons) v1.2.1 Apk

Hi and thank you for taking time to checkout Yoma icon pack!
This is an icon that works with almost all major launchers that support icon themeing like: Apex, Nova, Adw, Holo, Action, Ss etc.

************** YOMA ICON PACK FEATURES: **************
▪ Over 870+ (and growing) themed icons with crisp design
▪ 7 custom design wallpapers
▪ 144x144px icon support! (1080p and over)
▪ Apex support
▪ Nova support
▪ Adw support
▪ Action support
▪ Holo support
▪ Smart support
▪ Probably others too but haven’t tested it yet..
▪ Proper icon masking for unthemed icons so they don’t look out of place
What’s New
New Wallpaper!
Over 100+ New icons
Yoma icon is now Themed
Note: If you see some unthemed icons on your homescreen delete them and add them back from the appdrawer and
they will be themed again.

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