Rabu, 25 September 2013

Android Apps : Download C Locker Pro v2.5.5 Apk

Customize the Lock Screen you like, Launch the actions you need…quickly!

~~Although without disabling the system lock screen, this app will still work. But it’s highly recommended to disable the system lock screen to get full performance of this app. just go Setting>Lock Screen>set lock screen type to NONE.
~~The Locker PIN Lock is meant to serve as a child lock/low security lock. If you need a full security, you can combine the Locker with the system PIN Lock
=====Extra Features for Pro version: =====
1. Things you can see from the Lock Screen:
—RSS Feeds (CNN, BBC), Network Provider Name, Battery info..
—Calendar Events List Reminder..
2. Things you can customize on the Lock Screen
—Volume Rocker Control, long press to play/skip (next/prev) music.
—Screen Off Volume Skip (next/prev) music
—Locker screen sliding gesture actions with 4 directions (Up, Down, Left, Right)
—More than 10 custom shortcuts your can set to launch apps, direct call, direct sms
—RSS update interval and other settings
—PIN Unlock
—Clock background (Full transparent/Black transparent)
—Clock position set to left/center
—Font Styles, Font Colors
=====Features for Free version: =====
1. Things you can see from the Lock Screen:
—Time, Date, Day, Next Alarm
—Weather Information
—Media buttons (previous, play, pause, next), this automatically shows if you have a song playing..
—Missed calls, New SMS notice
2. Things you can customize on the Lock Screen
—Full Screen (hide the status bar…)
—Lock screen Wallpaper (Live wallpaper now supported)
—To show/hide missed calls contact, new sms contents
—Own custom icon selection
—Screen timeout
—Unlock sound, screen off sound
—Disabling Default Home Button function, Long press Home Button to launch recent apps
—Weather update interval and other settings
—And many other customizations
What’s New
Note: German, Swedish, translations are not completed yet. will be updating..
Change Logs:
-improved: weather auto-location update error

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